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chad_warwick's Journal

Chad Warwick
31 October
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Chad Warwick

Name: Chad Warwick
Played by: Zachary Quinto
Canon Break: none
Type: ghost.

Chad and his husband Patrick are responsible for the restoration of the Murder House. He and Patrick planned on flipping the house, but the housing market went to shit. Stuck with a huge mortgage, the stress caused friction in their relationship. Things went form bad to worse when Patrick cheated on Chad (probably more than once).

Chad died on Oct 28, 2010. He was murdered by the Rubber Man, but Marcy, the real estate agent, said it was a murder suicide. And obviously LAPD is a bunch of morons who didn't investigate at all.

Chad became a muse for me the day Zachary Quinto tweeted “Sylar + Sasan = Chad.”

I play Chad in a few different verses. On murderhouserpg he is canon, dead and trying to deal with the Harmons being in his house along with his cheating partner playboypatrick. On murderhousebb he and Patrick leathernotlatex have turned the Murder House into a Bed & Breakfast to pay the bills. In his last verse on Masquerade Mix, Chad is alive after killing Patrick leathernotlatex. It’s ugly.

This is a fanfic/roleplay journal. I do not own Chad Warwick, and I have no affiliation with Ryan Murphy and his production company. No copyright infringement is meant, and no profit is made by the author of these fics. I write Chad out of love of a wonderful character.

I roleplay Chad on:
Murder House murderhouserpg
Murder House B&B murderhousebb
Masquerade Mix masquerademix

I post fic for him on:
A Muse Meme a_muse_meme
Theatrical Muse theatrical_muse
Fan Fic by Lee fanficbylee

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